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Potterpuffs: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw: We're smarter and stranger than you are

Methods be damned; I just want to be the smartest

Character Meme
Potterpuffs: Ravenclaw
1. Choose 8 OC’s, if you don’t have eight, borrow some off of friends!
2. No changing the questions!
3. Tag some people after wards.
4. Add some questions of your own if you want!
5. Have fun.

1. Magda Pall
2. Kirimi
3. Nereus
4. Shopkeeper
5. Aya
6. Dahlia
7. Alexander
8. Mia

1) You are reading in a tree and then [1] calls for you; what does he/she want?

"How… the hell did you get up there? Never mind, I don't care; get down here, we have to go hunting."

2) [5] tells you he/she needs help with an outfit because he/she is going out on a date with some one.

Yes, a racist Japanese aristocrat/business heir is going to listen to a Korean-American commoner. That is totally going to happen. Okay, Aya, let's see if you have anything in your closet that isn't a suit, a uniform, or Japanese.

3) [4] wakes you up in the night to tell you a secret, what is it?

The shopkeeper isn't going to wake me up to do anything, she can travel to a point in time when I'm awake. And she's not going to tell anyone outside of the shop a secret, and probably not even that…

4) [3] falls for you! What do you do?

…Well, as long as you don't mind never having sex and Trisk doesn't kill me, I'll go for it.

5) [7] and [1] are fighting over you. Do you stop them or walk away?

Stop them. Both of them are fairly reasonable people, so it shouldn't be too hard. Though I'm wondering why they'd be fighting over me…

6) You see [2] and [8] kissing! How do you feel?

Dying of laughter. What, did Mia give up on Sried ever requiting her feelings and decided to go for a robot instead? And Kirimi, why are you suddenly indulging in physical pleasure? You can't even feel physical pleasure, what, did you suddenly did—KOZUE, GET OUT OF KIRIMI'S BODY RIGHT NOW.

7) [6] asks you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

"Sooooo, do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend! Or both is fine~"

"I don't have either. And stop talking like that, it's creepy."


8) You all go to a theme park for the day and you go on a roller coaster! Only you get stuck at the very top with [2]

Kirimi. Kirimi, no, don't break the guard bar, we need that to not fall to our deaths. Or my deaths, since you're a robot and would probably be fine. KIRIMI, NO, I DON'T WANT YOU TO CARRY ME DOWN, NOOOOOOOOOOO.

9) You save [7] by doing his/her homework for him/her, he/she gives you a kiss on the cheek!

Awwwww <3 Such a sweetheart.

As long as I don't have to dress up.

10) [1] tries to tell [6] how he/she feels about him/her, you hear all of this.

"Hey, Ayers."

"Yessir, Agent Pall, sir!"

"…Don't call me sir. Anyway, I just wanted to say that… you're not bad."

"Oh, my, are you confessing your love to me~?"

"No! I'm straight, dammit, just because I think you're not as annoying as the rest of my juniors doesn't mean—ARGH!"


11) What is the worst name [4] has ever called you?

She… hasn't called me anything? And she's not really the sort to insult people, anyway. Reprimand, yes, but not insult. The worse I'd get is maybe a "the girl to whom we are speaking does not seem to have sufficient brainpower" or something…

12) [3] adds you as a friend on Facebook.

>Nereus has added you as a friend!

>Nereus has posted: You've forgotten all about us, haven't you? Try and forget about us now!

>Lan has posted: "Oh, look, more ideas for stories that aren't Genesis. Guess I'll go work on those then.

…And when the hell did you get a Facebook?!

13) You come home late and [1] tells you that someone called for you earlier but you weren’t in.

"Oi. You had a phone call. I wrote down the name and number on the message pad. It was about an hour or two ago."

"Oh! Thanks…?"


14) You find out that [8] and [7] are going out.

First a robot and now a high school student. Mia, this has to count as cradle-robbing, you're as old as the universe…

15) Who do you love most out of [2] and [6]?

Dahlia! So much fun to write her teasing people~

16) [4] walks in on you showering, how do you react?

"…Hand me the towel, please?"

"*hands over, walks out again*"

17) [8] gives you a golden bracelet for you birthday, how do you thank them?

Tea. Lots of tea. After making sure the bracelet didn't come from an angel.

18) [1] is STILL trying to get [6]!

"But yes, what I'm trying to say is that you don't annoy me as much as everyone else, so I'll probably ask you to accompany me on hunts or something."

"Oh, my. I don't really think I'm made for such exertions. But it would be an interesting experience…"


"But I don't know what I'm supposed to wear on that kind of thing! Obviously I can't wear my good clothes, so…"

"You know what, I take it back. I'm just going to ask Blake."

19) [5] takes you rock climbing and falls, do you catch him/her in time?

No, because she's damn heavy and it's not like she'll stay dead. And why are we rock climbing?!

20) Anything to say before this quiz is over?

Mia is a pimp. And the shopkeeper is rather unfunny… On the other hand, now I really want to write more stuff with Dahlia…

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